Wearing a Woman’s Watch

A lady can wear a watch in many different ways. Some ladies are devoted watch collectors and enthusiasts, and would wear luxury timepieces all because of its historical significance. Other women would wear timepieces only because it is trendy.

There are tons of watches for women in Malaysia, so choosing among them can be terrible headache. The default choice for most ladies are stainless steel watches, though, since they look amazing with almost any outfit.

Do you want to wear a bigger watch? Some women choose to wear bigger watches because it’s like making a big statement. More watch brands are starting to pick this up, and introducing new timepieces to satisfy the trend.

The rose gold trend is very popular with women today. It is gaining more and more popularity.

The result? More women are purchasing rose gold watches. Rubber straps are also brilliant
options, most especially for ladies who love the outdoors.

A lot of ladies love the idea of looking for the perfect timepiece, and keeping it forever. This “perfect timepiece” is a versatile one, and can be worn both in casual and formal clothes.

In selecting the best women’s watches, settle with a brand that has successful history, and good track record for quality. Here are 3 elegant timepieces that you can consider.

1. Cartier Tank Francaise

Are you in the market for a sophisticated-looking timepiece? Go for the Cartier Tank Francaise. This watch has a beautiful, simple design which is perfect for ladies looking for a classic look.

2. Rolex Datejust

Do you know that the Rolex Datejust only has a diameter of around 31mm? If you have a slender wrist, this would fit you nicely. It wouldn’t overpower your hand and wrist, and won’t demand that much attention.

3. OMEGA Constellation

The OMEGA Constellation is simple, elegant and sleek, making it an excellent option for the ladies. This design was originally produced back in 1952, so there is no doubt that this line of timepiece has a long history.