The Best Way to Buy a Fitness Tracker

Just recently, I had about with some online watch aficionados saying that I ‘was’ a watch aficionado myself. Apparently, I ‘lost’ my status when I started buying a fitness tracker and have been wearing it ever since.

As a watch collector, I’ve collected some of the best watches out there. Think about mechanical watches and even the cheapest digital watches that you can find on the market.

Now, even if a person chooses to buy a fitness tracker, it doesn’t, in any way, mean that they do not love traditional watches anymore. A watch, as much as it improves your style, should be functional and a fitness tracker is definitely that.

If you are thinking about buying a fitness tracker today, do read the rest of the article to find out some buying tips and what to look out for.

Which Type of Fitness Tracker Do You Need?

Unbeknownst to many, fitness trackers are just a collective term that means a set of different watches that have an intended purpose.

For you to find the best fitness tracker for you, you need to know the different types first and foremost. Here are just some of them that you can find on the market:

Activity Trackers

Ever seen those new-age bracelet watches that people wear nowadays? That is most probably an activity tracker. This is the simplest fitness tracker out there and part of its core functionality is the ability to track your steps. However, there are some more advanced activity trackers out there such as those that come with GPS functionality or even a built-in chronograph

Multisport Watches

Think of a multisport watch as a Swiss Army Knife of sorts in the sense that it comes with features specifically to help you track some common sports such as biking, hiking, swimming, and so much more

Running Watches

Running watches, for those of you who do not know, are basically watches that come with GPS tracking capabilities. GPS is used mainly to track your pace and distance as these things are quite helpful for a runner.

Key Features to Consider

Now that you are aware of the different types of fitness trackers that you can find on the market, here are some of the features that you’d want to consider before making that purchase:

1) Heart Rate Monitor

One of the hallmark features of a fitness tracker, having the ability to track your heart’s beats per minute is essential so that you will know if you are training hard enough or not.

2) Smartphone Functionality

There are some people that think that fitness trackers, by default, have smartphone capabilities. Sure, some of them do, but not all of them have that.

If you want a fitness tracker that can integrate with your phone for additional functionality, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money over the most basic ones.

3) Water Resistance

As a watch that is built for fitness, it is important that the watch is water-resistant at least 100 meters (or above if you need it).