Should You Go for VPS Hosting or is Dedicated Hosting the Only Option?

If you are an owner of a personal blog or website, you do not have to think too much about any other hosting plan. Just get the most affordable shared hosting plan that you can find from the best web hosting providers in the market. However, if you are planning on running an online store, you may need to think deeper. The best hosting plans for business websites and e-commerce stores are VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Both of them have their pros and cons which makes it hard for regular customers to know exactly which hosting plan to choose. If you are stuck in that predicament, do not worry. I will talk about their pros and cons so that you can easily decide for yourself which hosting plan you should subscribe to.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

One of the biggest advantages of VPS hosting over shared hosting is that you are given way bigger server resources than the latter. In VPS hosting, your hosting provider will use a virtualization software that will allow them to create digital servers to house your website. Although technically, you are still going to share the same physical server as other website owners; the only difference is that you are given your own digital space with more dedicated resources that only your website can use. This is the reason why most people think that VPS hosting is a bridge between shared and dedicated hosting.

In addition, VPS hosting is not as expensive as dedicated hosting. In fact, you can get a VPS hosting plan for as low as $50 a month which is a far cry over what they usually charge for a dedicated hosting service. However, no matter how VPS hosting looks enticingly good to the layman, it does have its own flaws. For one, you do not have granular control over what programs you can use and what resources you can tap into (other than the ones you are given by default).

Second, they are not as well-known as the other two hosting plans just mentioned in this article.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Hosting

Without holding any punches, the biggest advantage of getting a dedicated hosting plan is you are given more control over everything. You get to have your own server, you get to enjoy all of its resources, and you have full control over what programs and website management software you wish to use.

You are given the option to either use Linux or Windows operating systems. You get to choose which database programs you can use and you can also have control over which email service protocols you can use on your website. Now, you would think that dedicated hosting is the perfect solution for a business owner, but hold your horses!

Sure, dedicated hosting looks perfect on paper, but the biggest downside is its price. No, you’re not paying $100 a month and you’re not even going to pay $1,000 a month.

If you are insistent on getting a dedicated hosting plan, you’re going to spend thousands of dollars to get such a service. Are you willing to pay such a price premium for the said hosting plan? It is for you to decide.