How Low Testosterone Affects Your Health

How Low Testosterone Affects Your Health?

Like women, who have hormones called estrogens which play an important role in sexual reproduction and development, men too have such hormones.

They’re known as testosterone and function similarly like its female counterpart.

These male hormones are made in the testes and are crucial for the development of masculinity which makes man, man.

If you experience low testosterone levels you can use male health supplements to boost it or if the case is more severe talk to your doctor about it.

Now, we’ll take a look at how low testosterone levels affect your health.

Age Affects Testosterone Levels

Everyone ages without a doubt and with age comes many health problems from diabetes, high blood pressure and low testosterone levels. When men experience low testosterone levels it can be called as andropause which is similar to menopause in women. So as you age you’ll have less energy, desire in sex and tiredness. All this is because of the low levels of testosterone produced.

Low Testosterone Affects Bone Health

Similarly to osteoporosis that occurs in women which causes the bones to become brittle, men too can experience weaken bones because of the lack of testosterone produced. With lower testosterone levels, your bone mass will decrease which leads to weaken, thin bones that have a high chance to fracture if too much external weight is applied.

Reduced Testosterone and Sex

With a drop in testosterone levels, men can experience lower libido which causes disinterest in sex. Besides, with low levels of testosterone, men can also have difficulty to have an erection. So this interrupts the sex session with your partner.