Expert Tips To Get The Best Hotel Deals In Setapak

Setapak is a suburb that’s almost a stone throw’s away from Malaysia’s capital. It’s a beautiful
town with a lot to offer not just to its locals but to tourists as well. Being so close to Kuala
Lumpur, it is one of the best places to get good hotel deals. You can even hire a Setapak girl escort
to show you around and make your trip worthwhile.

Now, the problem that most travelers have is how to get the best hotel deal and where to find it.
Well, the simple answer is that it’s just right around the corner when you know how and where
to look for it. Here are some amazing tips from frequent travelers.

1. Create a personal connection with the hotel – There’s a reason why hotels have a hotline,
it’s so that guests can connect with them. Give your prospect hotel a call and ask around about
their services. What’s good about doing this is that you create that personal connection
immediately and you can pre-select your room depending on your needs.

People in the hotel business love to provide service to its guests and when you give them an
opportunity to provide you that service like calling them to ask for a suggestion, they’ll be more
than happy to help you out.

2. Know what your priorities are – Are you looking to have a room with a view or a room that’s
on the far end of the building. Some frequent travelers know what their priorities are and can
compromise in different situations.

The best way to know your priorities as someone who’s traveling is by simply asking yourself
questions. For instance, when in Setapak, are you comfortable being a bit further from Kuala
Lumpur? Or do you prefer to be nearer? Determine what your priorities are and it’ll make the
decision easier.

3. Check the photos from reviews – Most booking platforms will have a section dedicated to
customer reviews. Fortunately, these review sections contain photos that are more valuable
than anything you will find online. Check out the hotel’s website photos and compare them with
review photos just to check if they are accurate and updated.

The photos you will see form online reviews are so much more authentic than what you will see
from the hotel’s booking site. These photos should help paint a clearer picture as to what you
would expect from them.

4. Send a message to another traveler – In some cases, when you’re really unsure about a
hotel but you really want it and you have no choice but to find someone to talk to about it, the
best person to talk to is another traveler who has stayed at that hotel. Forums would usually
have a private message option when you sign up with them, use this feature to get more
information on the hotel you plan to stay at. While this may not work for everyone, it’s still worth
giving it a try.