A Short Guide to Buying Your First Luxury Watch

Buying your first every luxury watch can be a daunting task. Do you know that many first-time
luxury watch buyers regret their first purchases? You wouldn’t want to end up with the same
experience. Just like any other luxury leather piece, getting a watch requires a small bit of education.

Are you thinking of getting a quality mechanical watch in Malaysia? Keep in mind that not all
mechanical timepieces are created equal.

Almost Any Steel Rolex

Looking at the Rolex watch catalog can be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you are looking
for an Air King, Explorer, Submariner or GMT-Master II, chances are, you will get so confused.

The first thing you must do is research on all of these watch models, to check which one is the
best one for you.

Since this is your first luxury watch, it’s best to invest on a good entry-level model. Save the
heirloom watches on your future purchases.

Limited-Edition Luxury Timepieces

Limited edition watches are not really “limited.” Just remember this–no matter how much it is,
the lower the count, the better. Don’t just settle with popular brands like Omega and Rolex. Take
into account indie watch brands as well. Ming and Halios are two independent brands you must know about.

Buying a Vintage Watch

At this day and age, more and more people are getting into buying and selling timepieces.

Believe it or not, the vintage luxury watch market is on fire. There are tons of risks involved on
this business, though. If you are thinking of jumping to this trade, stick with trusted retailer. If
not, you might end up with poor-quality watches with tons of mechanical issues.