7 Things You Must Know Before You Become an Affiliate Marketer

Waking up early just to get prepared to go to your office first thing in the morning is quite
cumbersome, especially if you did not have a good night’s sleep.

Sadly, that is what the vast majority of us do on a regular basis. Because of the daily
grind, there are some people that just want to stay home and earn from there. That is
why online businesses are on the rise these days precisely for that reason alone.

One way you can generate income online is through affiliate marketing, but before you
become an affiliate, there are some things that you must know first.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simplest terms, affiliate marketing is just a way for an affiliate to refer people to their
partner merchant’s website. So long as someone buys using your affiliate link, you will
always be given a commission that is agreed upon at the start of your affiliate marketing

2. What is an Affiliate?

Also known as an affiliate marketer, an affiliate is basically an influencer that creates
content or entices people to click on your referral link. Since most companies now use
the pay-per-sale model, the affiliate will be given a commission for every item that was
purchased using that special link.

As to how much money they are going to receive per sale will depend on the price of
the item that was bought. For instance, if you are given a 20% commission per item and
the item that was purchased was sold at $100, then you will get $20 off of that sale.

3. How Does It Work?

Any company or business entity always wants to expand and generate more revenues
and that is the reason why they turn to affiliates to do their bidding.

This is actually beneficial to them from a financial standpoint, given that the affiliate is
only paid every time a person buys using the affiliate link that was supplied to them.

Affiliate marketing actually works better than your traditional form of advertising, mainly
because it is not ‘in your face’ and does provide value to the audience and potential

4. Who Are Involved?

There are actually four stakeholders in affiliate marketing. They are:

  • Merchant- The seller and the one that provides the products to consumers
  • Affiliate Marketer- They are the ones that will create the content so that their
    audience will be enticed to click their affiliate link and make the purchase
  • Affiliate Network- Not always needed but it is nice to have for both parties. It
    acts as the intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate and the former
    can post affiliate programs for the latter to participate
  • Consumer- The buyer who is going to purchase the goods from the merchant

5. How to Get Started?

You will have to create your own platform. It can either be a social media account, a
Youtube Channel, Blog or Website.

Once that is done, you can either scour the internet for affiliate programs or you can
search for them by joining an affiliate network.

After that, you create relevant content and post affiliate links to said content wherever
possible. Just do not go overboard.

6. Promoting Your Content

There are numerous ways you can try and promote your content and affiliate links. You
can either post a link to it on your social media account or you can try email marketing,
where your audience will subscribe to your email list to get notified about promos and
other important announcements.

7. Earning Potential

The amount of money that you will earn as an affiliate marketer scales up based on
your experience and your effort. Remember that this is a performance-based career
where the more time and money you put into this, the better and more successful you will be.