6 Types of Websites You Can Build With WordPress

1. Corporate and Business WordPress Websites

WordPress is a favorite platform of many business owners for promotional and professional purposes. No matter how big or small your business is, having a website to share your vision and ideas can do wonders. There are tons of WordPress themes fit for businesses. Moreover, website performance can be improved with the use of widgets and plugins.

2. eCommerce WordPress Websites

eCommerce websites allow you to buy and sell products online. If you are operating on an online business owner, make sure to work with a top host in Malaysia to maximize the benefits of your website. WordPress is one of the most reliable web builders around that can help you in creating an online shop with easy transaction methods.

3. Portfolio WordPress Websites

Are you a photographer, developer or designer who wants to highlight her art in an amazing manner? WordPress can help you achieve that goal. It helps you build a website with portfolio and gallery sections. This type of website has hero sections, galleries, sliders and other areas that focuses on showing off creative skills.

4. Blogs WordPress Websites

A blog is the most widely used and basic kind of website. Most blogs these days are created on WordPress, since it is a reliable blogging platform that offers a ton of features. WordPress blogs are sophisticated and polished. You can also use a wide range of blogging tools that you can use for convenience.

5. Knowledge-Based WordPress Websites

Wikipedia is one of the most popular and biggest knowledge-based websites out there. If you are passionate about educating people, don’t hesitate to create one. WordPress provides all the options needed to make one. This kind of website is typically done for documentation purposes, but you can extend the posts as much as you like.

6. Online Forums and Communities WordPress Websites

Engaging in an online forum is a great way to get information from topic and upload queries. Do you want to host and create your own online community? If creating a platform similar to Reddit is your goal, turn to WordPress.