5 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

One way that small businesses can be competitive in this day and age is to go mobile. That means that they have to truly consider mobile app development as applications are by far the most important thing when it comes to transacting with their clients. Take for instance the rise of online shopping. Because of the convenience that it brings in that the person no longer has to go out there to buy the stuff that they need, people will always use the application for such a purpose.

What other ways can small businesses benefit from mobile apps?

Mobile Loyalty Programs

Back in the day, when users want to get free items, they would have to physically carry loyalty rewards cards and have them scanned or punched by the establishment where they acquired the card. That being said, it is quite cumbersome to be carrying a physical card because there is always that worry that it might get lost. Fortunately, you can now create your own mobile app so that you can also digitize your loyalty rewards programs as well. Starbucks is a great example of this. Their app allows their users to scan a QR code (present on the venue) which will instantly reflect the changes in their accounts and to give them a digital stamp of approval that they’ve purchased something- prompting them to accumulate some points.


If you are running a service that would require a person to be in your store like running a salon or a restaurant business, create an app that will allow your customers to book reservations. Furthermore, you should also have the power to notify your customers that have booked your services on that particular day so that they will not forget about it.

Mobile Payments

Before, credit cards were considered to be a godsend because it made payments so much easier for customers. But, the problem is that credit cards can be stolen and it might be used by others if that is to be the case. Nowadays, app developers can create an app that will handle payments on the go. By just firing the application, users will be presented with the option of paying an establishment or business some money in exchange for their services. Mobile payment is one of the major conveniences that mobile apps bring to consumers which is why small business owners need to think about mobile app development, especially by incorporating mobile payments into their applications as well.

Mobile Communication

Why do you think social media apps are all the rage nowadays? Well, that is because people are able to communicate with other people all over the world. With mobile communication, you can simply be anywhere in the globe and as long as there is internet connectivity, you can send messages to whoever you want. Incorporating this feature will allow you to communicate with your customers seamlessly, especially if they have queries or concerns about your product.

Mobile Customer Support

When you ship products to your customers, they might end up receiving damaged goods and that is just one of the many possibilities of having some items shipped to your consumers. That being said, create an application where your customers can contact you directly so that they can address their issues, allowing you to respond to them promptly.