5 Usability Problems That Plague Mobile Applications Today

We Need To Fix This, People

Undergoing mobile app development and creating a solid mobile application today means paying close attention to usability. There are several usability problems that plague this modern age’s mobile apps. Below are some of them.

Deep Navigation

Your navigation should be around three to four levels below the home screen of your app. This issue can leave a large dent in the mobile app’s usability, so effective approaches should be implemented.

Vague, Confusing Content

Are you planning to incorporate some pop-up content in your pages? When done right, this may do wonders for your mobile app. So, how can you do it right? You need to select the right content for the pop up, as well as the correct timing.

Too Many Taps

A single tap should bring about various compelling content. But, what happens now is that people are faced with too many taps in order to get a single task done. Try reducing the number of taps, and simplify the navigational experience.

Ignoring Landscape Mode

Simply slapping landscape mode in a mobile app won’t do the trick. Just like the portrait mode, landscape requires the utmost attention and focus. Mobile app professionals should consider various approaches to good UX and UI experiences to ensure high quality usability.

Disregarding Various OS Versions

Creating apps that imitate the overall look and feel of operating systems is crucial for usability. It prevents all kinds of consistencies, and can help users adapt to the mobile app faster.


Usability is all about focusing even on the smallest aspects. In order to create a successful mobile app, you need to prioritize every element.